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s-WLE-T28_MightyFineAntlers s_WLE-T15_red_stag6 s_WLE-T12_Aging_Warrior2 s-WLE-T31_White-WhoDat
WLE-T28 "Mighty Fine Antlers"
Texas, Dec. 2011
WLE-T15 "Damn, that itches!"
Texas,Dec. 2009
WLE-T12 "Aging Warrior" Red Stag
Texas, Dec. 2009
WLE-T31 White Buck, "Who Dat?"
Texas, Dec. 2011
s_WLE-T11_red_stag_hine s-WLE-T33_WhiteBuck3 s-WLE-T34_FeedingFrenzy s_WLE-T08_blackbuck_antelope
WLE-T11 Red stag "Hart" and "Hine."
Texas, Dec. 2009
WLE-T33 White Buck 3
Texas, Dec. 2011
WLE-T34 "Feeding Frenzy"
Texas, Dec. 2011
WLE-T08 "Where's the Party?
Blackbuck Antelope.Texas, Dec. 2009
s-WLE-T32_WhiteBuck2     s_WLE-T22_zebra1-portrait
WLE-T32 White Buck 2
Texas, Dec. 2011
    WLE-T22 Zebra Portrait
Texas, Oct. 2011
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