Outdoor Life: Hunting

Backyard Birds | Critters
s_OL-H01_duck_hunter1 s_OL-H04_Jett_duck_dog1 s_OL-H02_bird_dog1 s-OL-H09_last-shot
OL-H01 Early Morning Duck Hunt OL-H04 "Jett's Got Tonite's Supper" OL-H02 Dolly Hunting OL-H09 "Last Shot"
s_OL-H03_Dolly_bird_dog1 s_OL-H05_Jett_hunting_dog2 s_OL-H06_Jett_hunting_dog3 s-Ol-H10_teacher-pupil
OL-H03 - "Go, Dolly!" OL-H05 "Patience is About to Pay off!" OL-H06 - "Here's Comes Jett!!" OL-H10 - "Teacher & Pupil!"
s_OL-H07_Waylon_hunting_dog1     s OL-H08 Waylon snow dog2
OL-H07 - Waylon     OL-H08 - "Ready in any kind of weather."
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