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Robert Floyd

FORTY YEARS AGO, I bought my first 35 mm camera, a Yashica Electro 35. That was in 1969 while I was serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. The little camera proved to be a tough one, surviving against some serious odds — including a long fall from a perimeter guard tower! My next camera was a Minolta, and over the last 40 years, I continued to use Minolta products until the company was purchased by Sony. Today, I prefer to work with a variety of Sony digital cameras and lenses.

My love of photography grew as I photographed my family and chronicled the growth of our two daughters. An active outdoorsman, hunter, and dog lover, I especially enjoy enjoy capturing wildlife and nature images in addition to frequent forays behind the lens to photo people and events. My favorite subjects, besides wildlife, are the mountain scenery of the West, and capturing the uniqueness of western life, including ranching and rodeo, all subjects that love the camera!

Robert's dogCombining several of my favorite interests, one of my favorite photo shoots involved the the wedding of a young couple on their ranch in West Texas, complete with horses running in and out of the pasture, a homemade altar and plenty of cowboys and cold beer. (Western life at it’s best!)

Besides photography, another interest is writing. My published book, The Courage to Lead: An Essential Guide for Volunteer Leaders, Board Trustees and Public Servants, is based on more than thirty-five years of experiences in my “day job,” politics and non profit leadership.

Above, Robert on location, shooting a waterfall in the San Juan Mountains. Although born and raised in West Texas, and a resident in the Texas State Capital for the past 38 years, Robert’s photographic journeys takes him throughout the west. Robert lives with his wife Sherry and their 10 year old Gold Retriever, Waylon (pictured right), in Austin, Texas.

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